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Automatic email updates and more!

I’ve added two new features to the Yoga Bodega site.

One will make it faster and easier for students to learn about schedule changes (last minute and otherwise) and other announcements. I’ve subscribed to a feed service that will automatically notify you when there’s a new post… even if it’s something I might not bother to email individually to the entire Yoga Bodega email list. If you’d like to be automatically notified, click on on the link about automatic email updates to the right of this post and fill out the form as prompted. (Rest assured that your email address is being collected specifically for Yoga Bodega use.)

Also, you can now contact me directly through the Yoga Bodega site. There is a contact form under the Contact Yoga Bodega link.



Sun Salutation

Periodically, students ask me about a basic Sun Salutation, or Surya Namaskar (in Sanskrit), they can follow at home. I’ve posted one on my blog, Yoga Like Salt, and you can find it here, along with links to other information about this traditional flow sequence.


New Petaluma Class

I’ll be teaching a 75-minute class at 5:30 p.m. on Mondays in Petaluma at Zenergy Yoga, beginning Nov. 5. This will be a mixed-level, Iyengar-influenced class. (Click here for directions and information about the studio.)