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Another great (short) yogic trailer…

This is a trailer for “Sita Sings the Blues” an artful animation of the Raymayana. This film, created by the brilliant cartoonist and creator Nina Paley, tells what she calls “the greatest breakup story ever told.” I understand that the film is screening in a sneak preview in SF this weekend, and will hopefully be released soon. Here’s more information on the film and the director.


Watch the trailer for a yoga movie…

This is entertaining. It’s an 8-minute trailer for a movie called YYoga Movie. You’ll see a lot of familiar things and some that are a little wild (don’t worry, I’m not going to stand on any of my students!). It’s also fun to see the giant classes (probably in LA) and that they’re doing the same things we do in Bodega. Enjoy!

Some Yoga Reading…

I have two blog posts you might want to check out.

One, on Yoga Like Salt (, is my attempt to answer the question of how your yoga practice and personal religious beliefs can intersect. This is a question that comes up over and over again, especially with new students.

And, I’m quite excited to tell you the first question arrived at Yoga Curious ( It’s about finding flow in your home practice. Keep the questions coming!


T-shirts Are Here!

As long-promised: Yoga Bodega t-shirts. Use this link to hop on over to the Yoga Bodega online store at Cafe Press. The shirts feature the Yoga Bodega logo and come in a variety of styles. (The “ringer” style shirts, with the contrasting band at the collar, also feature my unofficial motto, “Unclench your butt.”)

The shirts will make great “local flavor” holiday gifts. Also remember that gift certificates for yoga and massage are available in the denomination you specify, and they’re available directly from me, so contact me by phone (876-3401), email, or through the website’s contact form if you’re interested.

Ask a Yoga Question…

and get a yoga answer!

I’ve finally solidified an idea I’ve been kicking around for a while… a yoga question and answer blog.

If you click on the link that now lives in the right-hand column between the “Om Page” link and the “Yoga Like Salt” link, you’ll jump to my newest addition… a blog called “Yoga Curious“.

This link isn’t just for students of Yoga Bodega, but anyone who is interested in yoga.

This is the place to ask for help with your home practice, clarify something I said in class, ask a question you were intimidated to ask in a group setting, or refer a friend who has a yoga question. I’ll do my best to answer the question, research the answer, refer you to sources, or find someone else who can answer the question.

Of course, I won’t reveal your identity on the blog.

Now all I need are some questions!

Please send them my way, and, namasté.


About that wrist mnemonic…

This came up in class this week and none of us could quite remember it… The mnemonic device for remembering the eight carpal bones of the wrist is “Silly Lovers Try Positions That They Can’t Handle”. (Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetrum, Pisiform, Trapezoid, Trapezium, Capitate, Hamate.)

Okay, so the sentence isn’t very well constructed, with a superfluous “that”, but if you remember the “that” you’ll be closer to remembering all the carpal bones.

Who says we don’t know how to have fun at Yoga Bodega?

(Anatomy enthusiasts can check the new link to The Bone Room under Favorite Places on the right side of the page.)

Amazing Yoga Demonstration

Earlier this week, I promised some of my students that I would post the video of Ana Forrest’s amazing yoga demonstration. It’s up and you can see it here.