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Ask a Yoga Question…

and get a yoga answer!

I’ve finally solidified an idea I’ve been kicking around for a while… a yoga question and answer blog.

If you click on the link that now lives in the right-hand column between the “Om Page” link and the “Yoga Like Salt” link, you’ll jump to my newest addition… a blog called “Yoga Curious“.

This link isn’t just for students of Yoga Bodega, but anyone who is interested in yoga.

This is the place to ask for help with your home practice, clarify something I said in class, ask a question you were intimidated to ask in a group setting, or refer a friend who has a yoga question. I’ll do my best to answer the question, research the answer, refer you to sources, or find someone else who can answer the question.

Of course, I won’t reveal your identity on the blog.

Now all I need are some questions!

Please send them my way, and, namasté.



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