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Watch the trailer for a yoga movie…

This is entertaining. It’s an 8-minute trailer for a movie called YYoga Movie. You’ll see a lot of familiar things and some that are a little wild (don’t worry, I’m not going to stand on any of my students!). It’s also fun to see the giant classes (probably in LA) and that they’re doing the same things we do in Bodega. Enjoy!



  YogaDawg wrote @

That a fun video. Thanks

  Arthur Klein wrote @


Thank you for posting this clip from my film Y Yoga. There are more clips at in the Awareness section.

Y (Yoga) is a feature length documentary film soon to be available. For 6 years it has been the filmmaker’s journey to explore this new Western voice in Yoga through a compelling collection of different American yogic stories. After 911 the filmmaker began a journey to regain peace and well being through yoga… Y captures yoga everywhere from charter schools in South Central Los Angeles, (the location of the LA riots) to yoga in Iraq with Wrestler Diamond Dallas Page teaching soldiers. Y Yoga documents how this ancient technology is alive and well today in the United States spreading love and light resulting in peace and happiness for many. Full length 88 minute documentary will be available early 2008!

Thank you for your interest.

Arthur Klein

  Arthur Klein wrote @

Hi my friends at yogabodega, finally the complete documentary feature film “Y Yoga Movie” is NOW AVAILABLE from

Please let me know what you think of the entire 88 minute documentary about Yoga today.


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