Yoga Bodega

Yoga Instruction and Massage Services in Bodega, California

Yoga music

In a traditional Iyengar yoga class, there isn’t music. However, I break with this tradition because I think music helps some people move inward during their practice and facilitates smooth, controlled transitions.

The Saturday morning class at Yoga Bodega is a flow, or vinyasa, class, with lots of movement and less detailed instruction than I provide during my weekday classes. It’s challenging and fun and exuberant. Music helps to set the tone. (It’s also not a class for yoga beginners.)

Here are a couple of tracks from the Saturday morning class playlist. You can find them on iTunes and buy them there if you’d like to use them for your home practice, or just listen to them in the car!

One Day – Matisyahu

Christian Peace Prayer – Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe

Kali Durga – Lokah

Om Sri Lakshmi – Robin Renee

Gayatri Mantra – Wade Imre Morissette


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