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Amazing Yoga Demonstration

I know that some of my students have heard me describe seeing Ana Forrest‘s demonstration at the San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference in 2005.

I recently came across this video of her 2007 demonstration, also at one of the Yoga Journal conferences. It’s in two segments, about 15 minutes long, total.
As a teacher, I post this sort of thing warily. This is not what you should aspire to do or be. Each of us needs to accept exactly where we are on the mat, at any given time. In my mind, this is what constitutes a “good practice”. A practice with a stronger, more skilled body isn’t any better, or more valid. I want to be clear about this.

However, with that said, Ana Forrest is 50 years old, and one of the strongest people I’ve ever seen, Olympic gymnasts included. Enjoy and be inspired!

(Note: if you click right on the video, it will open a bigger window, so you see more!)


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