Yoga Bodega

Yoga Instruction and Massage Services in Bodega, California

Yoga Bodega T-Shirts

Yoga Bodega t-shirts are now available!

Click on the yellow t-shirt below to visit the Yoga Bodega online store.


The shirts come in several styles… shirts for both men and women. They take (approximately) a week for delivery, so plan ahead.

Note: The “ringer” style shirts for both men and women (ringers are the shirts with the contrasting collars) feature the Yoga Bodega logo with (as long promised) the phrase “Unclench your butt.” The plain, pastel, and organic cotton shirts just say “Yoga Bodega.”

ybtshirt.png ybtshirtbutt2.png

(Hint: These will make great holiday gifts for friends and family near and far!)

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